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Fanart - The Hardest Part of Skating is the Ice

I have terrible time-keeping.

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The Hardest Part of Skating is the Ice.
Artist: breathingtubes 
Rating: G.
Characters: Sam/Freddie, Carly, Gibby, Melanie and Wendy/Shane.
Notes: This is the first drawing I've completed since getting my graphics tablet for Christmas which is an explanation of sorts for why it isn't oh my god brilliant. For the 5_4_3_2 'Break A Leg' challenge.


Fullsize (2000 x 1400)
Seattle skyline used with permission from hebedesign @ deviantart. (The background looked bare and I needed a quick fix.)

I'm not exactly proud or fond of this, but mizufae said entries do not have to be amazing and this definitely isn't amazing. Anyway, I was inspired by prompt four because even though it is an image of rollerskates it made me think of ice skating and the time last December that my sister had a near fatal accident when we were at the Christmas ice rink in the city.

Once I've gotten the hang of drawing with a graphics tablet I may contribute better art in the future (and I'll try to not post an hour before the deadline.)
Tags: fanart, i blame my sisters, tv: icarly
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